The Evanescence of Power

I have been thinking lately on the nature of soft power— American hard power has seen its limits since 9/11, as we have not been able to forcibly shape the world according to our whims and desires.   Soft power, however, cannot be measured objectively through the number of warships or central bank loans, but the... Continue Reading →

On Trump

Four years ago, a friend and I were smoking cigars in the Helmand desert, waiting to hear from the United States.  The very real results of foreign policy surrounded us—hundreds of British and Danish troops, a memorial to the SF medic killed in the first fight for Gereshk, the buzz of drones and screech of... Continue Reading →

Dealing with the Donbass…

"Za nas, za vas, i za Donbass!" Oh the many times I've stated, slurred, shouted, and sang the wonderful, pithy slogan of the Donbass--usually before a sto gram (100 grams, or a Ukrainian shot of vodka).  I lived for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the northern corner of the Donbass; my village was... Continue Reading →

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