The Frog in the Pot

A frog dumped into a pot of boiling water will quickly jump out, but if you slowly heat the water, the frog will not notice until the poor guy is cooked to death. Are we the frog?

Running from Paris, or Globalization and its Malcontents

I refuse to believe in Trump's America--closed and cruel. I refuse to believe that his answer is the best we have for those left out. I refuse his dismantling of American leadership, his calculating belief in false economics, his distaste for honesty. And, luckily, I find myself in good company--states whose governments refuse to comply with Trump, businesses seeking balance between profit and the social good, politicians sincerely seeking the betterment of their constituents, but mostly American men and women who refuse to shirk their duty, who believe we can still tackle hard problems, who know--in their very marrow--that these colors don't run.

How to lose a war…

Afghanistan eats bombs. It eats rockets, too, and bullets, mortars, IEDs, RPGs, souls. Its hunger is immediate and insatiable, and while thrashing for more, it uncaringly kills men, women, children, foreigner, and local. Who taught this monster to crave flesh and gunpowder? We weren't the first--a history of conquest and cruelty map across the mountains and deserts--but we feed it, and in doing so only strengthen this beast.

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