Ambling to Annette, or Spring Hiking on I-90

Alright, dear readers, I want to do some spring cleaning.  New seasons mean new ideas:  I'm hoping to write real trip reports/thoughts-on-trail after each trip to the great outdoors...the time writing is better spent crafting something fun and helpful versus me spending yet another hour getting tube-lost on the lists in Buzzfeed... Set out on... Continue Reading →

Way Up on the High Divide

In the last few days of Indian Summer in Seattle, Hana and I knew we had to get in one good pack-trip before I had to leave for work.  The previous day, we had been down to the waterfront, and the Olympics stood in dark green contrast to the blue Puget Sound.  Yep.  That'll do.... Continue Reading →

Mount Si – Late September 2012

As all the guidebooks point out, every outdoorsy Seattlite has to hike Mount Si.  At least once.  So Hana and I headed out I-90 to check our box for this Seattle classic.  We went on a Wednesday, and thereby avoided, for the most part, the feared conga-line up and down the trail.  We still passed... Continue Reading →

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