Getting Dirty on Dirty Harry

Yesterday (April 18), a fresh Friday morning, I set out to enjoy the impromptu breaking sun on the I-90.  I wanted somewhere with a view, and with little avy danger, so I settled on Dirty Harry Peak.  I guess I felt lucky.  Oh god, the puns, the puns... Parked down below the gate, and cruised... Continue Reading →

Ambling to Annette, or Spring Hiking on I-90

Alright, dear readers, I want to do some spring cleaning.  New seasons mean new ideas:  I'm hoping to write real trip reports/thoughts-on-trail after each trip to the great outdoors...the time writing is better spent crafting something fun and helpful versus me spending yet another hour getting tube-lost on the lists in Buzzfeed... Set out on... Continue Reading →

Veterans’ Day and Listening

Six months ago, I returned from Afghanistan.  I had been there as part of the civilian-military effort to build a government and deliver security, rule of law, and development to that dangerous corner of the world.  I was elated at first, happy to be home safe and sound from the harsh desert of Helmand Province. ... Continue Reading →

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