Way Up on the High Divide

In the last few days of Indian Summer in Seattle, Hana and I knew we had to get in one good pack-trip before I had to leave for work.  The previous day, we had been down to the waterfront, and the Olympics stood in dark green contrast to the blue Puget Sound.  Yep.  That'll do.... Continue Reading →

Three days on 395

In April 2012, Hana and I were making our way from San Diego, CA, to Reno for my buddy's wedding.  We naturally took 395, as it is the prettiest route, and most trustworthy at that time of year.  The first day, with a relaxing start from my Aunt Judy's place in Oceanside, we drove all... Continue Reading →

Las Conchas, New Mexico

Before heading on our road trip across the US, Hana sent me a photo of a cool-looking cliff nestled next to a clear stream.  I wanted immediately to climb there, as the idyllic setting was just too nice to pass up.  We were lucky enough to hit up this great little crag when we were... Continue Reading →

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