What is Wild and Free?

So what do we do, climbers?  Do we abandon the temples of rock climbing to the hordes?  Do we focus on education?  Do we enforce regulations?  Do we tell bereaved families that their son or daughter should have known better?  Do we limit what is considered grounds for lawsuits?  Do we avoid the Fifty Classics?  Do we stop writing guidebooks?  Do we seek ever further adventures, necessitating going harder?  Do we give over to the guides leading folks from Maryland up Forbidden Peak?  Do we adopt the pernicious attitude of "I was here first, and I can't share?"

The Ragged Edge of the World

The long and lonely valleys, the stark uplift of mountain, the play of light on cholla and ocotillo--this is the desert.  We four-wheeled through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, heading further and further back into those fierce, abrupt canyons. The San Jacinto Range caught the fire of the setting sun, a dry alpenglow thousands of feet... Continue Reading →

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