The Cascade Top 10 Lakes List!

Eek!  I've been so busy either at work or at play up in the mountains I haven't been good to my poor ol' little blog... So without much fanfare, here I present my--no particular order--Cascade Top 10 List o' Lakes...All the lakes into which I've dipped toe, gingerly stepped on when iced, gazed on from... Continue Reading →

Ghosts and Glaciers

Go.  Go now.  Go while the mountains are still robed in layers of white and cold blue.  Go while the air is heavy with the sultry heat of spring growth.  Go while the trillium blooms and the wind alternates warm and cool across baking rocks and iced glaciers. Wander the old trail back to the... Continue Reading →

Ramblin’ on Rattlesnake

My new job has kept me very busy the past two weeks, and I haven't had too much opportunity to get out on the trails (however, I did go surfing and climbing, so that should count for something...)  With iffy weather on my day off, I wanted to do something big--I decided on Mailbox Peak.... Continue Reading →

Getting Dirty on Dirty Harry

Yesterday (April 18), a fresh Friday morning, I set out to enjoy the impromptu breaking sun on the I-90.  I wanted somewhere with a view, and with little avy danger, so I settled on Dirty Harry Peak.  I guess I felt lucky.  Oh god, the puns, the puns... Parked down below the gate, and cruised... Continue Reading →

Ambling to Annette, or Spring Hiking on I-90

Alright, dear readers, I want to do some spring cleaning.  New seasons mean new ideas:  I'm hoping to write real trip reports/thoughts-on-trail after each trip to the great outdoors...the time writing is better spent crafting something fun and helpful versus me spending yet another hour getting tube-lost on the lists in Buzzfeed... Set out on... Continue Reading →

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