The Freakin’ Catalina Trail Mixer

In April 2012, my Dad and I were searching for a good backpacking trip that was close to LA, and--after an epic snow year--actually open for business.  Most of the Sierras were still blanketed, so we turned our attention west to Catalina.  The Trans-Catalina Trail had officially opened in 2009, combining old dirt roads with... Continue Reading →

Three days on 395

In April 2012, Hana and I were making our way from San Diego, CA, to Reno for my buddy's wedding.  We naturally took 395, as it is the prettiest route, and most trustworthy at that time of year.  The first day, with a relaxing start from my Aunt Judy's place in Oceanside, we drove all... Continue Reading →

Mesa Verde National Park

Crossing through the southwestern edge of Colorado, Hana and I stopped to camp in Mesa Verde.  Mesa Verde was home to the Anasazi, who built cave-towns in the great amphitheaters of sandstone.  Though they have long since disappeared, the well-preserved ruins of their villages remain.  The park is well suited for driving, as a main... Continue Reading →

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