The Ragged Edge of the World

The long and lonely valleys, the stark uplift of mountain, the play of light on cholla and ocotillo--this is the desert.  We four-wheeled through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, heading further and further back into those fierce, abrupt canyons. The San Jacinto Range caught the fire of the setting sun, a dry alpenglow thousands of feet... Continue Reading →

The Cascade Top 10 Lakes List!

Eek!  I've been so busy either at work or at play up in the mountains I haven't been good to my poor ol' little blog... So without much fanfare, here I present my--no particular order--Cascade Top 10 List o' Lakes...All the lakes into which I've dipped toe, gingerly stepped on when iced, gazed on from... Continue Reading →

A National Failure…

For America, I have endured much--I have been shot at, threatened, lived through -40°C/F winters, bombed, drank endless cups of tea, and more.  I did it because I believed not in a party or ideology, but in a larger good that America could one day embody.  Our failures in the past are legion, but the... Continue Reading →

Way Up on the High Divide

In the last few days of Indian Summer in Seattle, Hana and I knew we had to get in one good pack-trip before I had to leave for work.  The previous day, we had been down to the waterfront, and the Olympics stood in dark green contrast to the blue Puget Sound.  Yep.  That'll do.... Continue Reading →

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