The Good, the Bad, and the Violent

The Western for too long existed outside of context, depicting a black and white world, breeding revisionist history into legend.  Leone's uncut epic challenges that, delivering us into a world baptized in blood.  It is a world both good and bad, and--ultimately--ugly.

How to lose a war…

Afghanistan eats bombs. It eats rockets, too, and bullets, mortars, IEDs, RPGs, souls. Its hunger is immediate and insatiable, and while thrashing for more, it uncaringly kills men, women, children, foreigner, and local. Who taught this monster to crave flesh and gunpowder? We weren't the first--a history of conquest and cruelty map across the mountains and deserts--but we feed it, and in doing so only strengthen this beast.

The Field of Fear, or Flynn’s Folly…

Foolishness breeds foolishness.  And that foolishness is well on display within retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s book, The Field of Fight.  In this political submission to fear, Flynn attempts to scare Americans/Westerners (it says something that he can barely differentiate between the two, but he generally lumps groups together ) into believing that ISIS/Al... Continue Reading →

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