Las Conchas, New Mexico

Before heading on our road trip across the US, Hana sent me a photo of a cool-looking cliff nestled next to a clear stream.  I wanted immediately to climb there, as the idyllic setting was just too nice to pass up.  We were lucky enough to hit up this great little crag when we were... Continue Reading →

Mount Si – Late September 2012

As all the guidebooks point out, every outdoorsy Seattlite has to hike Mount Si.  At least once.  So Hana and I headed out I-90 to check our box for this Seattle classic.  We went on a Wednesday, and thereby avoided, for the most part, the feared conga-line up and down the trail.  We still passed... Continue Reading →

Pig Rock, Nevada

When the first snows start to bury the Sierras, one need not retreat to the gym.  To the north of Reno, near Pyramid Lake, lies Pig Rock--a volcanic outcropping in the desert that stays warm enough to offer shredded tips all winter.  If the temperatures outside are chilly to frozen, the wall stays in the... Continue Reading →

Mesa Verde National Park

Crossing through the southwestern edge of Colorado, Hana and I stopped to camp in Mesa Verde.  Mesa Verde was home to the Anasazi, who built cave-towns in the great amphitheaters of sandstone.  Though they have long since disappeared, the well-preserved ruins of their villages remain.  The park is well suited for driving, as a main... Continue Reading →

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